Triclopyr is a commonly used herbicide of broad leaved weeds. It is a selective herbicide, and does not affect grasses and conifers. It is specifically effective on woody plants.


Triclopyr is a commonly used herbicide of broad leaved weeds. It is a selective herbicide, and does not affect grasses and conifers.  It is specifically effective on woody plants.  It is mainly used to control brush land on right-of-way land, railway lines, pipelines, electrical power line ways, in forestry areas, industrial land, park land, road sides and motorway verges. It can also be used to defoliate wood lands.  It is also registered for use on amenity grassland and any natural surface not intended to bear vegetation. Plants affected by triclopyr include woody plants: Alder, ash, aspen, basswood, beech, birch, blackberry, buckthorn, cherry, chokecherry, cottonwood, dogwood, elderberry, elm, hawthorn, hickory, hop-hornbeam, honey locust, locust, maples, mulberry, oaks, poison oak, pines, poplar, red maple, raspberry, sassafras, sumac, sycamore, tamarack, wild rose,willow and witch hazel.  Broad leafed weeds: Burdock, chicory, curled dock, dandelion, field bindweed, lamb’s-quarters, ragweed, smartweed, smooth bedstraw, vetch and wild lettuce.  Triclopyr is transported in the plants tissues and works by imitating a plant growth regulator causing rapid growth. This growth causes cells to rupture, preventing food manufacture and translocation, causing the plant to die. Triclopyr kills the entire plant, including the root material.  It also reduces regrowth and limits the time between treatments.  Triclopyr is not residual in the soil and breaks down quickly in water when exposed to sunlight.  Aside from being used on its own, troclopyr is also sold combined with fluroxypyr to control docks and chickweed in established grasslands and amenity grasslands.

Agchem Access sells Triclopyr as Woody, an emulsifiable concentrate containing 480g/L and fluroxypyr and triclopyr combined as Dovekie, a 100:100 g/l emulsifiable concentrate.

Other products that contain triclopyr are Altix 240 EC, Cleancrop Triptic 48 EC, Cleancrop Unival, Clopyr 480, Garlon 4, Nomix Garlon 4, SBK Brushwood Killer, Thrash, timbrel, Tumbleweed Brushwood Ready to Use, Vitax Ready to Use SBK Brushwood Killer and Weedol Tough.

Fluroxypyr and triclopyr are also sold as Blaster, Doxstar, Grazon 90, Headland Flail and Thistlex.

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