Chlorothalonil is a broad spectrum contact fungicide.


Chlorothalonil is a broad spectrum contact fungicide. It has a non-systemic action and is applied as a foliar spray.  It is the third most commonly used fungicide in the world, after sulphur and copper, and has been in use since 1967.  Chlorothalonil can act as a curative fungicide or a preventative fungicide, and has a long residual activity.  Chlorothalonil is a multi-site inhibitor of various enzymes and other metabolic functions, thereby preventing spore germination and causing death of growing cells.  Chlorothalonil comes in many different types of formulations – such as dust, flowable, soluble dispersible granule and solution.  It can be applied as a handheld spray, ground sprayer, aircraft sprayer or as a dip.  Fungi prevented and killed by chlorothalonil include early blight, late blight, fruit rot, rust, downy mildew, anthracnose and leaf spot.   Vegetables, small fruit, stone fruit, turf, ornamental and other agricultural crops, especially Barley and Wheat.   

Agchem Access sell chlorothalonil as Busa, a 500 g/l chlorothalonil suspension concentrate.

Other products that also contain chlorothalonil include Bravo 500 (Syngenta), Acclaim,  Agriguard chlorothalonil, Chlorostar, CleanCrop Wanderer, CTL 500, Hail, Hockley Lonil 50, Jupital, Life Scientific Chlorothalonil, LS Chlorothalonil,  LS Chlorothalonil XL, Rover 500, Supreme, Thalonil 500, UPL Chlorothalonil and X-Sept.

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