Cymoxanil is a synthetic acetamide compound, It acts as a curative fungicide for potatoes.

Cymoxanil is a synthetic acetamide compound first developed in 1977. It acts as a curative fungicide for potatoes. Cymoxanil is applied as a foliar spray and acts as a local systemic fungicide. The compound penetrates the leaves rapidly, making it rainfast. As it is local acting however, it is not the most persistant of fungicides and is usually applied in combination with a protective translocatable systemic fungicide, such as mancozeb. Cymoxanil acts by preventing sporulation. Diseases that are treatable with cymoxanil are most members of the Peronosporales order: Phytophthora,Plasmopara, and Peronospora - blights and mildews.


AgChemAccess supplies cymoxanil, in combination with mancozeb, as the product Astral (as 45 g/kg cymoxanil : 680 g/kg mancozeb as a wettable powder. For cymoxanil on its own, or in combination with famoxadone please contact AgChemAccess directly.


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