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Press Release January 2010

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AgChemAccess announces the departure of Mr Pawel Wrzesinski. Mr Wrzesinski an employee of AgChemAccess in the UK operated in Eastern Europe.

The Parent company AgChemAccess has invested substantially in its business in Poland and Eastern Europe creating the subsidiary AgChemAccess Polska – this company will continue to operate in the region with a registered office in Bydgoszcz.

The company is pleased to announce that it has recently gained parallel import registrations for Poland under the trade names ‘Blotch’ Chlorothalonil and ‘Rage’ Zeta-Cypermethrin.

These registrations are the beginning of a series of applications to assist commercial Agriculture in Poland. AgChemAccess Polska anticipates twelve additional parallel registrations to be granted by the Polish authorities in early 2010.

Until a suitable replacement has been found current and new trading relationships will be managed by Mr Gary Phillips (contact details as below).

AgChemAccess are currently looking to recruit a Business Development Manager for Eastern Europe. This is an exciting and rewarding role managing the existing client base and developing trade with current business partners throughout Eastern Europe.

For further information please contact either Mr Matthew Kealey 44 (0) 7917 732326 or Mr Gary Phillips 44 (0) 7901 520098.

Contact details:           

Mr. Kealey

Mr Phillips

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