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New SU formulation eases tank-cleaning burden

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New SU formulation eases tank-cleaning burden

A new formulation of metsulfuron-methyl promises to ease an otherwise hectic spring spraying campaign by offering easier cleaning of the spray tank post-application, as well as greater product efficacy.

Revenge 20, from generic specialist AgChemAccess, is a 20% fully-soluble formulation of the popular spring broad-leaved weed herbicide.  This means more complete removal of the active from the spray tank, reducing workloads and minimising the risk of damage from spray tank carryover.

“The formulation – a soluble granule – creates a simple solution of metsulfuron-methyl,” says Matt Kealey, product director at AgChemAccess.  “Applying the active ingredient in this way – in what is its most bio-available form – is the best and most effective way for the weed targets to absorb the product.

“Thus the winter wheat grower ends up with a highly-effective product offering superior weed control and improved crop safety, together with less cleaning hassle at the end of the day.”

Mr Kealey says the company has worked hard to maximise the operator safety and convenience of Revenge 20.  “We even provide a measuring beaker, so it’s a simple task to measure out the dustless granule into the spray tank.  Then it requires just a minute or two of mixing to ensure it’s fully dissolved.”

Mindful of growers’ concerns and the potential for confusing advice on appropriate and safe sequencing this spring, Mr Kealey advises that Revenge 20 may be used in sequence with a range of products, including Atlantis (iodosulfuron-methyl mesosulfuron-methyl).

And while some growers have been caught out by poor quality generics – particularly sulfonyl-ureas – in previous years, Mr Kealey says there’s no such issue with Revenge, which is manufactured in the UK.  “We’ve a strict manufacturing process with quality control checks at every stage to ensure Revenge is the high quality product you’d expect to find.”

March 8, 2010

For further information:
Matt Kealey
AgChem Access Ltd
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