News - 07/04/2010

Market entrant promises new ideas in crop nutrition

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UK farmers will enjoy a new range of novel crop nutrition technologies following the launch this week of specialist nutrient experts NutriAccess.

Promising to help growers ‘profit from nutrition’, NutriAccess – headed up by a former Phosyn and Yara manager with 20 years of experience – says its range will eventually contain the very best nutrient technologies, sourced through the comprehensive global supply network it shares with UK parent company, AgChem Access.

“The nutrient market is ready for further innovation,” says Andrew Low, Nutritional Business Director. 

Mr Low says the arrival of NutriAccess will introduce new ideas into the market with a range of products that will display four basic characteristics – ease of use; tank-mix flexibility; superior uptake and efficiency, and, above all, cost-efficiency.  He believes these will attract the technically-minded, considered grower who wants to get the most from his crops but does not want to pay a premium price for the technology.

“First we identify the new technologies that are of interest and make sure they deliver what they promise,” Mr Low explains.  “It’s then we decide how to bring the product to market, at an affordable price that doesn’t compromise our strict quality ethic.”

According to Mr Low, this has involved setting up a number of UK manufacturing partnerships with high quality, smaller operations to ensure the application of Good Manufacturing Practice without the costs associated with an ‘in-house’ facility.

“Our aim is premium technology at affordable prices,” he says.

The nutritional product portfolio will eventually comprise Glo-Grow, a family of single and crop-specific nutritional products; Fytamin, a range of phosphite products with key nutrients for better foliar uptake and nutrient utilisation; Rootrient, a fertigation range; a seaweed extract-based range called Nurture, with strong environmental credentials; and KeyCrop, chelated products often with extensive use of natural chelation technologies.  Outside the nutritional portfolio is a group of adjuvants known as TankMate, comprising wetters, stickers, buffers, etc.

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