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Cat: Trade Name: Group: Active Ingredient: Concentration: Pack Size: Formulation: Manufacturer:  
Buying Oryx Herbicide metazachlor, quinmerac 333:83 g/L 5 litres BASF Enquire
Buying Defy Herbicide prosulfocarb 800 g/L 5 litres EC Emulsifiable concentrate Syngenta Enquire
Buying Aramo Herbicide tepraloxydim 50 g/L 5 ltrs EC Emulsifiable concentrate BASF Enquire
Buying Alpha Pendimethalin 330 EC Herbicide pendimethalin 330 g/L 10 ltrs EC Emulsifiable concentrate Makhteshim Enquire
Buying Spotlight Plus Herbicide carfentrazone-ethyl 60 g/l ME Microemulsion Belchim Enquire
Buying DMA Herbicide 2,4-d 720 g/l 25 litre SL Soluble concentrate Enquire
Buying Herbicide difenoconazole, dimethomorph, glyphosate, mancozeb, oxamyl LI Liquid unspecified Enquire
Buying Kerb 50 W Herbicide propyzamide 50% WP Wettable powder DOW Enquire
Buying Kerb Flo Herbicide propyzamide 400% g/l SC Suspension concentrate DOW Enquire
Buying Fusilade Max Herbicide fluazifop-p-butyl 125 g/l EC Emulsifiable concentrate Syngenta Enquire
1 to 10 of 200