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Cat: Trade Name: Group: Active Ingredient: Concentration: Pack Size: Formulation: Manufacturer:  
Buying Betenal Expert Herbicide desmedipham ethofumesate phenmedipham 25:151:75 g/L 5 or 10 Litres EC Emulsifiable concentrate Bayer Enquire
Buying Cadou Star Herbicide flufenacet isoxaflutole 48:10 w/w 5 Kg WG Water dispersible granules Enquire
Buying Reglone Herbicide diquat 200g/litre 10 litre containers SL Soluble concentrate Syngenta Enquire
Buying Afalon Herbicide linuron 450g/litre 5 litre containers SC Suspension concentrate Makhteshim Enquire
Buying Carbetamex Herbicide carbetamide 70% w/w 1kg boxes WP Wettable powder Makhteshim Enquire
Buying Centium 360 CS Herbicide clomazone 360g CS CS Capsule suspension Belchim Enquire
Buying Alpha Pendimethalin 330 EC Herbicide pendimethalin 330g/litre EC Emulsifiable concentrate Makhteshim Enquire
Buying Axial Herbicide clodinafop-propargyl pinoxaden 100g/litre 1 litre and 5 litre EC Emulsifiable concentrate Syngenta Enquire
Buying Betanal Herbicide ethofumesate , phenmedipham , desmedipham Enquire
Buying Herbicide please select active ingredient(s) from list above and click 'add ' EC Emulsifiable concentrate Enquire
51 to 60 of 200